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Copyrights since 1989.©️ChristialBalls 

This was established in 1989 in Burbank, California .
Crystal Balls are Handmade w/Love. Each Globe is unique, little Crystal cities with meaning and intention.Christial Balls is pronounced as Crystial  Ball.Came as a vision seen up in the Heavens.All of the world's finest gemqstones and crystals from around the World.Unified into one Globe.Mysticsl,.Magical and beaming with light,love, and energy.Truth and Purpose and faith that we are all created with the intention to do great positive things in the World.I believe we are all here to learn to love and beleive in ourself that all our dreams can come True..Lets make good choices to benefit and bring more love and positivity to this planet.

The globes are my mother’s vision,she was meditating and asking God for an idea ,something fantastic unique and beautiful.God granted her wish ,her prayer was answered .She saw a beautiful Snowglobe in Heaven .Never seen before.Her excitement was over the top.She was thrilled and overwhelmed with this extremely unique Gift.She knew she had to create what she had seen,and that people everywhere will want one .My mom was very creative.She was an inventor ,she made many things in her life but this one was super special ,and of course she did it .Manifesting every detail of her vision.
Courtz Crystals LLC copyrights Christial Balls were Established quickly,she knew this would be an idea that needed protection.So being a thorough person she did that as well on her own.We are the first and the only to create these magical globes.My sisters and my mom and I all worked together to make them.We sold to everyone in S.Calif.Every crystal shop and many gift shops had these in their stores.People still want them and with enough production coming soon their will be globes for everyone.The globes were once on tv ,Buffy the Vampire Slayerand a couple of other shows used them too.We also had many well known actors who bought the globes,and loved the idea.Unknown to us crystals had healing energies and  they are for good luck.Everyone wanted one,Jus like she said they would,as the business grew people were astounded because they were so unique and made perfect sense .To this very day the reaction from the public is that they have never seen this before and how creative and magical they are,bringing joy and putting a smile on their faces,our very own crystal ball to assist in Creating the perfect Little crystal city.Create your own Balance and harmony.Mind ,Body ,Spirit ,wellness.Looking on the inside of the globe and seeing the magical gems ,is like meditating within.The better stronger you can be the better the world will be.Peace prosperity and Harmony.Positive manifestation,I promote what my mom tried to teach us that we don’t have to copy others because we all have our own God given talents and never give up on seeking the goodness in the world.Health and Wealth and Abundance.Never give up on finding the Joy in life.

Handmade 🔮Snowglobes

Crystal Balls Handmade with Love .Artist:Courtney Machen Walton " Little Crystal Cities inside Globes.I do custom designs daily.Ive been a Professional Snowglobe Crystal Ball Maker since I was 18..This was a vision an idea that my Mother had Trisch Lee Machen  .We have have copyrights established since 1991..as we know this idea is My Moms and came from a Vision of the Heavens .With many messages to each his own Jewel and discovery of ones self through the Love and Guidance of the  heart ❤️ 


Let’s make a custom globe with meaning-full gems and crystals Specifically Designed  for you.What u want to Attract more of in your life Abundance ,Meditation,Love ,Positive Energy,Harmony ,Protection.These globes can help with Balance,Meditation, and eliminate stress by calming the mind .Stones are from the Earth and they are natural not man-made,People have been using gems and crystals for thousands of years in spiritual cultures to  heal their their spirit to create a calm state of mind in a world full of chaos.Whatever it takes to get the crystals and nature in your life is important for connecting to the Heavens .Use them for home decor and request custom designs ,custom bases,,the bases will take more time and we also have a light we can put inside to light up the crystals .(still in production)Birthstone Balls are also a big seller for Birthday gifts.

The exchange of energy with the Mind ,Body ,and Spirit with The Crystals and Gems inside these Magical Globes ,pure water and Gold glitter ,and positive intentions .My crystals are cleansed in pure natural Salt water , and every full moon their set outside to absorb the moons energies.Purifing the rocks before their set inside is also very important. A positive mind makes all the difference , as we can actually see and feel the true nature of the crystals energy and calm and relax our mind and get more In-tuned with our life purpose to create good in the world.Envision the gold glitter surrounding your body mind and spirit.Sending golden vibrations and prayers to our loved ones.They make great  gifts and Bring more peace and relaxation to your life.Order a globe that is perfect for you as no two are alike I will custom make a globe designed Jus For you and yours..Christial Balls©️