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Find your Treasures inside your Heart.💜Christial Balls: since 1989.©️This was seen in Vision by my mom during one of her meditations. She then created the Snow Globes as seen in her vision and copyrighted them. This can be found In the Library of Congress listed under Sculptures with the name Christial Balls.

The Genuine Crystal Balls are filled with Natural clear water. Gold Stardust glitter is calming for the mind as it cascades around the clear pure Natural Quartz Crystals and A variety of Gems. 

These magical globes go through a process of 35 steps and five days to finish.Itbis the in depth process my mother created based on her Vision.

Handmade 🔮Snowglobes

Custom Globe 1/21/21- California Girl .Successful,Nature Lover ,Strong ,Healthy ,seeker of truth .Birthstone and Ruby Zoisite temple.Love and Protection.Custom order :Family Pet Brown Labrador.Colors to match decor and Energy to bring their favorite beachside vacay vibes.Crystal Balls Handmade with Love Artist:Courtney Machen Walton "Little Crystal Cities inside Globes”.I do custom designs daily”.I have made over 50,000 Crystal Balls.Since I was 18.

Meditate and Relax .Clear your mind . Crystals and Gems floating in Stardust glitter .These stones will Protect you with their Shining bright energy from gazing into the crystal globe.

I can make a custom personal Crystal Globe with all the positive intuitive healing energy and intention. please contact me to discuss this further.