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Copyrights since 1989.¬©ÔłŹChristialBalls¬†
This was established in 1989 in Burbank, California .We have sold to T V shows to use as Props in Magical Shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and many others events that took place in my 28 years in Cali.Our Crystal Balls were  sold to Many  of the finest stores Throughout Los Angeles and The Coast.
Crystal Balls are Handmade w/Love. Each Globe is unique, little Crystal cities with meaning and intention.Christial Balls is pronounced as Crystal Ball.Came as a vision of the Heavens.All of the world's finest gemstones and crystals from mines throughout the World have been in the Gem building process for almost 30 years.Since 1989 I have made over 40,000 Crystal Balls.I continue with my moms idea and her careful secret instructions on how she created these Special Crystal Balls. She uses gold glitter a symbol of Success.She was the first to use glitter.These magical Snowglobes  are used for Meditation,Gazing,Relaxing,and enjoying how the Gold glitter and the gems sparkle with the Crystals and the light of the sun create happy energy.It is fun to turn the Globe over and make a wish and invision a positive intention for yourself and for others.The  Crystal Balls are a good distraction from negative vibes. Possibly in the workplace,The globes are made with Birthstones they are great birthday gifts.Feng Shui ,Color ,Energy,and Decor ,custom design for a Housewarming gift.Unique gift for any occasion.Health And Wellness ,Mind ,Body ,Spirit gifts. Birthday, Wedding, Mother’s Day And  Holidays.


Handmade ūüĒģSnowglobes

Crystal Balls Handmade with Love .Artist:Courtney Machen Walton " Little Crystal Cities inside Globes.I do custom designs daily.Ive been a Professional Snowglobe Crystal Ball Maker since I was 18..My mom and my sister,we all did it together and we were first time business owners ,worked hard  building two big businesses at the same time.This was a vision an idea that no one else ever had .We have copyrights established.as we know this idea is My Moms and came from a Vision in the Heavens .With many messages to each his own Jewel and discovery of ones self.


Let’s make a custom globe with meaning full gems and crystals Specifically Designed  for your life ,goals and what u want to Attract more of in your life Abundance ,Love ,Energy ,Harmony ,Protection,Get Creative,Balance,Meditation,to eliminate stress ,Healing Stones energy to sooth ailments such as head aches.Helps prevent Drunkeness.Clear Quartz , .Lapis Lazuli,Kunzite,Citrine, Dragons  . Hearts  Lots of Sea Animals Pelicans  Howling Wolf ,  Unicorns ,Stingrays ,Whales   Fish    , Birds    Roosters  Alligator ,Sea Turtles , Dragonfly,starfish,,Fairies,Mermaids ,Mammoth,Dogs,Cat,Lizards.Wizards,Castle,Pirate Ship.If u want any of these and u are ordering a globe please let me know In the comment section Email or Contacting me by phone.757-401-0233