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Copyrights since 1989.©️ChristialBalls 
This was established in 1989 in Burbank, California .
Crystal Balls are Handmade w/Love. Each Globe is unique, little Crystal cities with meaning and intention.Christial Balls is pronounced as Crystal Ball.Came as a vision of the Heavens.All of the world's finest gemstones and crystals .    

Handmade đź”®Snowglobes

Crystal Balls Handmade with Love .Artist:Courtney Machen Walton " Little Crystal Cities inside Globes.I do custom designs daily.Ive been a Professional Snowglobe Crystal Ball Maker since I was 18..This was a vision an idea that my Mother had Trisch Lee Machen  .We have had copyrights establishedsince 1989.as we know this idea is My Moms and came from a Vision of the Heavens .With many messages to each his own Jewel and discovery of ones self through the Love and Guidance of the Most high.


Let’s make a custom globe with meaning-full gems and crystals Specifically Designed  for you.What u want to Attract more of in your life Abundance ,Prayer,,Love ,Positive Energy,Harmony ,Protection.These globes can help with Balance,Meditation, and to eliminate stress by calming the mind .Their are many books written of Healing Stones and crystals throughout the world in many different cultures and so called religions and are also mentioned in the Bible you can look online for info. www.PreciousstonesoftheBible.com .Either way Stones are from the Earth and they are natural not man-made.Although humans have been using gems and crystals to symbolize sacred  ceremonies such as a Marriage,with the diamond 💍.So it’s interesting how culture related some people are with their uses for Gemstones and how much they actually adore the beauty of the gem without even knowing the meaning.My thought and knowledge is that the true beauty of the gem is found in your heart.The way a person chooses to live.In one way it helps to lure away the idea of materialism and vanity and bring about peaceful energy.

The many life sacrifices some make in order to provide one with a expensive diamond goes unnoticed at the mines they are found in such countries as Africa.(Diamonds)and yet the people finding them are not the ones benefiting,As it materializes into becoming more about money đź’° Rather than the blessings of the gem and the most high earth energy as gifts to humans for spiritual connection and growth.

Actually it’s  scientifically proven that energies  crystals and rocks possess ,have also been a useful tool.Most popular the actual Quartz Crystal.Quartz has played a great role in modern society and is used for its high energy content .Check with NASA on that subject.As well in Radios ,Watches and Computers.So why not for healing the humans energy,which I call the spirit.We are either in Low spirit or in High spirits,based on the exchange of energy with the Mind ,Body ,and Spirit and other people,not to mention our Heart.Energy we receive  from others can create what are moods our health and stress levels. When we fee llove at times it makes our hearts beat faster,or when we have fear it can also cause our hearts to beat  faster ,it’s essential to know the difference.whether the energy we receive is either positive or negative we have the power through prayer and meditation to control what we think ,feel or believe.The Crystals and Gems inside these Magical Globes with pure water and Gold glitter ,help bring Protection ,Balance and a positive mind set as we can actually see and feel the true nature of Gods gifts through the globes and inside our vessel we carry that same magic.Bring more peace and relaxation to your life .Honestly I am no near being a doctor nor have the capability to prescribe but I am human and I only have my experience and feelings. with Love ,Nature,Birds ,Animals,Trees ,Rocks,Gems, ,Herbs ,Prayer,and Positive vibes They can all contribute to a good state of mind and a healthy life and of course hard work and dedication.Love yourself and love each other ,and love the natural gifts and treasures of the earth we are so truly blessed to have access to.Order a globe that is perfect for you as no two are alike I will custom make a globe designed JusFor you and yours.Love and Light And many Blessings in the name of the Most high .God is truly good .