Energy Orbs.

We are protected by Copyrights. We are the first ones invent and create this amazing product. And they have been seen around the world through Social Media via internet. In the years we have been making them, over 44,000 globes that were handmade and individually crafted by me and my family since 1989.

Each order could take up to 2-4 weeks depending on quantity and quality of the gems needed. And Holiday Orders should be taken in consideration for mail delays.

I guarantee all my work and I am willing to fix any globes that have been broken for a very fair fee for repairs and parts only. If a stone becomes loose by accident I can repair that at no charge, however under special circumstances that may occur causing extensive damage, example, you dropped it. I will fix it for a small and reasonable fee.

Please be aware that because stones are completely unique some may vary in size and color, however I will create your crystal globe as close to the original picture as possible. 

The globes are customizable as well. Please be aware that if you add something to the globe, a fee may be added for any additions to the globe.  

Customized globes - specific requests are possible and will be priced after we discuss what you would like included in your crystal globe.  

If your globe breaks contact to me for repairs with a small fee.