Music Box-Rejuvenate your Roots To Strengthen your heart.πŸ’š Create Your Happiness.😘.


Smokey quartz and smokey Agate strengthens your root chakra energy. Purifies the soul and clears energy from past relationships, grounding and balancing your chakras. Amazonite, a green stone that strengthens the bones and joints. Green, the color of the Heart πŸ’š Chakra.Amazonite is very soothing to the πŸ’š During times Β suffering from the loss of a loved one .Eases grief and strengthens the connection to the Heavens.Amethyst and Rubies ,Pisces and Cancer sun signs.More freedom and creativity .Clear quartz crystals and citrine crystals, are from Brazil. The citrine symbolizes joy and prosperity, They call it "The Merchants stone ". Labradorite from Madagascar is the magical, natural holder of the rainbows of life 🌈 ! Helps you to see "The truth behind the illusion". They say it's fun zany and galactic. Add this beautiful globe to your collection today. Looks great in the home or office. Makes a great gift also, and with the holidays fast approaching, these wont last long.