MagicalGlobes🔮Healing Positive Energy for the mind ,body and Spirit.Easy to learn to Meditate.

Customize Mini Globe 3"H X 2 3/8"W To bring Love,Joy,Good Health.Money,Protection.

Please tell us how many of each stones you would like. Example: Rose Quartz x 2, Green Adventurine x 3

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Order this size and I'll customize with your birthstone or colors of gems and happy positive vibes .

Mini Globes ready made. This lovely mini globe has a Jade owl hand carved with kyanite and tigers eye. This globe represents wisdom, long life, prosperity, and peace. Order what you would like inside for 8.00 more go to mini custom globe Birthstones, Positive words like love and good health for spiritual healing and meditating, relaxing energies. Customize- Blues, Pinks, Emeralds, Sapphires, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Amethyst Turtles Jade, Carnelian JUST LET ME KNOW


Rose Quartz: Attracts loving energy from yourself and others, peaceful heart
Clear Quartz: Be here now in the Present. A protection air light around your aura
Blue Sapphire: Stone of wisdom and protection from the law
Green Adventurine: Positive thoughts, protection from sour energy
Rainbow Iridescent Quartz
Yellow Citrine: “The Merchant’s Stone” - cash, success in one’s business. Joy, good health.