• Custom X Lg Globe price varies depending on Gems .


    All these globes are just examples and pictures ,Telling me what crystals u want as a priority over others I will design your Crystal Ball appropriately.Based on the vibe and intention to be created.for overall positivity The customized X Lge Snowglobe or any size is made jus for u the way u want it ,With your ideas. Whether it be a Mermaid ,Favorite Animal,carved in Stone.I love to create themes based on the energy ,for example,a beach fairy seen or a natural jungle w amazonite and rich colors of Gems ,surrounded by sapphire and ruby ,lit up w baby herkimers or Tibetan Crystal.We can use descriptive words such as Healing the heart or the throat ,something for recovering from a loss in life whether it be a loved one or a situation.Healing for business .Promote love ,life Joy,Stones to strengthen health in certain Areas .Gems to create energies to help fight dis comfort .Along w meditation and prayer for positive results is a huge part of healing.Use Pyrite known as fools gold to keep unwanted negative energies from getting into your personal space.Email or call me to discuss your custom order .The ideas are endless.