• X -tra large Globe -Awesome colors of all the Chakras.

    Google chakra stones or call me and we will discuss your options most options are available.

    The circles represent the chakras, and yes their are many crystals and gems surrounding them giving your Chakras Stones energy. Kyanite is from Brazil and S.Africa, it is known as a shamans stone to give a person the quiet mind one needs to focus his energy on a job of importance, perhaps yourself. Keeps the noise out. They say it can activate your Chakras instantly. My intentions for this one is colorful bright and fun. Circles of color equals circle of light. The world is so beautiful and this globe is the world literally in your hands. All the crystals and gems send vibrations through the glass just enough to possibly feel or visualize live energy as it's passing through the water to the the silica creating a calming effect for your mind. The more you gently turn over the globes the more energy your stirring up, Clearing more energy of whatever your intentions are, so have fun and remember it's all positive and a part of nature treasures. Available Now it's 71/4 in high and weighs about 2 lbs.