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Orange Aura Quartz with Lapis Lazuli, Strength, Wisdom, Patience, Creativity




The new unique Chicken Globe with yellow quartz and opal.

This globe represents Joy and Love.

Peridot is a real gem from Chile and represents freedom and independence and the birthstone for August.This bright green is to Strengthen your heart and bring more love to your heart.

I make Globes year round, every single one sells. Each one is unique and appeals to the single buyer. Even if someone is buying a gift for someone else there is a reason that the globe stands out and picked for that person. I do a ton of custom orders too. For any and every occasion. I work by myself but I get it done and I show up. 

It makes me happy to put smiles on peoples faces.Through simple kindness and appreciation. I'm always working toward a better world and positive things.

Photos from Va Coastal Wine Festival

Sold in Lynnhaven Mall at a pop up shop


Beautiful Globes just sold to a boutique in New York, New York

Sold to Jerri Hartz, Real Estate Agent in Va Beach ~Custom Globe 

“She Sees a Home in Your Future”

Makers Brewers In Norfolk ~ Indoor Farmers Market

The Hilltop Store in Cape Cod

A Custom Order


Ornament Globes ~ Great for any season!



Flyer made for the Richmond Gem Show

I also sell these tumbled stones







That's me


FIRE Labradorite

Amethyst, Blue Kyanite & Quartz ~Joy, Guidance, Prosperity, Harmony, 

Balance & Good Health 

Mini Globes ~ Peace, Balance, Protective & Positive 






Facebook Cover CourtzCrystals 

Nashville Photography by Sharon Asby

Medium Crystal Ball summer fun



A custom order from the Holistic Show ~ The main feature stone is Tanzanite from Tanzania, a very rare African gem and it is only found in place in the world. Also with Green Sea glass, Rose Quartz, Jasper, 


Custom Order ~ So bright, so full of love & real treasure Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphire, Lemurian Crystals, Titanium Blue Aura Crystals, Apache Tear & many more. This was a surprise anniversary gift for the Wife. He knew she loved these & got my card and ordered this special globe. He told me what she likes and I made it with love and positive intentions.

Vistaprint fun!

Atlantic Shores Retirement Community, VA Beach Spring Bazaar

X Large globe filled with beautiful crystals ~ Ethiopian Opal, Sea glass, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Tibetan Quartz, Amethyst ~ Pathways Natural Living Expo Maryland


Custom order ~ For a 92 year old Grandmother, designed with all her children's birthstone gems inside and 3 great grand children.

Treasures of the Earth Gem Show Richmond

Larimar, Ruby, Opal, Peridot, Kyanite, Amethyst, Rainbow Fluorite, Quartz Crystal and 25 other gems!


X Large Snowglobe with Purple Amethyst Dolphin, Garnet, Jade, Citrine, Lapis, Sodalite, Quartz, Kyanite, Shaman Stone ~ Balance, aligns Chakras, Love and Passion and good health ~ Good dreams.


Medium Size with Smokey Quartz, Jade, Emerald, for Success in Love💚💚Protection from bad energy & the reminder to live in the moment without worries of the past or the future, just to live in the now

Medium size 💜💜💜 Quartz with a Purple Amethyst heart 

Our 1st brochure 1989 ~ "Flowers and Crystals by God" 

designs by Trisch, Celeste and Courtney

Love these globes from last summer so much Aqua Aura and Opals ~ Large and Medium custom order anytime

Medium Globe ~Raw Columbian Quartz & Raw African Aquamarine & lots of 
Red Jasper

Red Brecciated Jasper Heart for strength, guidance & dream recall; Brazilian Blue Sodalite, known as the teachers stone ~ unity, calmness & strength. Great for your love and for Valentine's Day ~ custom order any globe any size any occasion with hearts inside custom designed just for you 

Very, very special photo ~ this is one of our families first Crystal Globes in 1989,  Burbank, California. We have our Copyrights and other protection, since this Vision came to our Mother, a long time ago. 

Blessings to everyone ~ Love and Light ~ Sincerely Courtney Machen Walton.

Packing ~ getting ready for a travel show. 

Sweet Hearts globe with Rose Quartz ,Sea glass, Kyanite & beautiful green Peridot ~ All good for the heart to attract love & to bring peace & balance within ones soul.The Kyanite is known as a Shaman stone & keeps you in your own creative world and brings Protection

The Shaman globe ~ Love! love! love💚💚💚 Blue Kyanite, Blue Apatite, a orange Carnelian elephant for super good luck

This is a Awesome Medium Globe with bright orange is red Carnelian and Quartz Crystals. I placed petrified wood from Brazil, so old and ancient, turned to stone. So cool gain grounding, "no worry" energy from the Wood. The carnelian is great to alleviate fear & dispel negativity. It is also a good stone to carry for success in your business

Photos from my Facebook Page please feel free to check it out.

"Sun" yellow Citrine creates a harmonious & joyful fun energy with all the gold glitter inside. Serpentine & Jade ~ to ignite the Kundalini Fire within. Cherry red Ruby from India & Aqua Aura Quartz at the top ~ both stones of Nobility, Strength & Success

  Natural raw Rose Quartz and Rubies

Large globe looks like a city of Crystal buildings ~ Jade, Kyanite and Amethyst, Tibetan Quartz ~ good to bring harmonious energy and good health ~ Excellent for gazing into